Colin Whelan Business Marketing Consultant

Articulate strategic intent, and deliver outcomes from budgets that can be trusted.

Markets are dynamic and require organisations to constantly improve. The planning process becomes the platform from which to grow, the base from which organisations learn.

Maintain the strategic plan in concert with revenue budgets. It will provide both clarity and the platform for profitability and growth.

Commercial Performance

With every initiative, articulate what is being done, why it’s done, how and by whom.
A summary of the business reasons, marketing decisions, and behavioural understanding used to act.

Commercial Outcomes

Numbers reflecting budgets, outcomes, and forecasts are matched to initiatives.
A living document showing revenue history, how each initiative is trending, and expectations for the future.
Be quick to let go of the initiatives that fail, revitalise those that struggle, and strengthen those that perform well.

Strategic planning is important, but it is a guide; not an identity for the organisation to attach itself to.