Growth - The organisations vehicle for relevance

It is important to develop existing success, but suicidal to rely on it. Respond to the challenges of the present by including innovation and change as a part of the commercial strategy.

Innovation and Change

  • Face the reality of current trends and adapt to change
  • Grow a culture of risk acceptance and minimisation
  • Develop intrinsic motivators in teams
  • Stop trying to do the same things in the same way and grow
Existing revenue streams can be strengthened, improved, or cut; but growth comes from new initiatives and a broader value proposition.

Motivation and Creativity come from an intrinsic drive to do interesting, challenging and absorbing things well, with autonomy, and with purpose. Steer clear of popular external motivators like the ‘reward and punishment’ approach which crush creativity and diminish performance.

By accepting risk, encouraging learning, and not getting attached to past success, an environment for innovation and creativity is created.